Unicorn Catwalk

Stylish unicorns struttin’ through the Scottish forest. The most recent addition to my window-shaped collage series. Inspired (vaguely) by Scotland’s national animal, as well as a cool window in Ireland and a beautiful pathway through the woods in Scotland.

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Window Series

Some new collage work and the windows that inspired them.






Who left the gate open?…The sheep are out again.



Mud Bath

Santa Hulk

Most people don’t know that when Santa overheats, he turns into the Hulk. One Monday evening, Art Relief International traveled up to the stuffy third floor of the Thai Freedom House to lead an art workshop. Fans cornered the room and were on at full blast, but they made little difference. We were all sweating buckets. Our little friend, Gonseng, used his costume skills to illustrate the miserable heat we were all suffering from. Santa Hulk was born.

Santa Hulk would like to wish everyone happy holidays!

International People Watching

When riding down a street in Thailand, my friends and I spotted this dude following us. He was driving his motorbike with sidecar and umbrella while eating a popsicle. He instantly reminded us of a cartoon character, and we debated about which character it was. We never figured it out, but I decided that if this guy isn’t already a cartoon character, he should be. So, here is an illustration of Thai Motorbike Popsicle Guy along with a photo of the original inspiration.

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